Your Rescue + Eusoh

Eusoh is a community health sharing plan that reimburses you for your pet's medical, wellness, illness and routine care expenses.

Eusoh can also benefit your rescue. For every pet owner you refer to Eusoh, they will donate $40 to your organization.

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Benefits for Rescues

Donations for your rescue

Eusoh will donate $40 per pet owner that joins becomes a community member.

Free subscription for staff/volunteers

Eusoh will offer your staff and regular volunteers free subscription (up to 2 pets / owner).

What do adopters get?

With an affordable pet health plan, your adopters will be less likely to return pets.

Eusoh Price

Subscription fees are $17 per month per pet + the cost of shared pet health expenses, which will never surpass $48. You will never pay more than $65 a month.

Discounts for adopters

Your adopters will get 2 months free subscription. They can also receive a multi-pet discount.

Support for your rescue

Your rescue will have a dedicated support rep if you have any questions.

Eusoh provides a reliable resource for our adopters to protect their pets. All rescues should have access to fair and comprehensive coverage and Eusoh provides this. The Eusoh team is always willing to support our staff and talk with adopters. Eusoh makes it easier for some people to consider adoption."

Kathryn Hurley

Developmental Lead,Wags & Walks


How Do Adopters Get Started?

1. Sign up to Eusoh.

2. Add a Pet.

3. Put in a $48 deposit.*

4. Join a sharing group.

5. Start sharing!

*The deposit is a pledge to your community as a promise-to-pay - it lets them know that when expenses are submitted, the funds are ready and available for sharing.

How Does Eusoh Work?

What makes Eusoh so different?

Eusoh is a cooperative health plan that provides community sourced coverage.

Unlike the insurance model, Eusoh is fully transparent on its fees.

The subscription fee is the only fee Eusoh takes.

Eusoh does not touch one cent of the funds flowing between members.

And the Eusoh platform provides full transparency on what you have contributed to, what vets are charging other members, and how much each member is contributing or taking from the system.

By transforming the for profit aspect of the business, you share in the
savings of a fully transparent crowdfunded health plan.




Community Coverage


*DOES NOT INCLUDE grooming, dental cleaning, nail trimming, routine meds (flea/tick/heartworm).
INCLUDES annual exam, routine vaccinations (rabies/distemper/leptospirosis).


Comprehensive Pet Plan



Eusoh in Action




Questions About Eusoh?

Contact: Jill McCurry
Phone: (323)-207-6664